More on Esther Dyson taking a ” gulp! ” job at CNET

Esther Dyson, who suddenly sold her tech empire yesterday, explains why she is joing CNET as their editor at large:

“We’re not saying [what newsletter plans are being considered] at this point,” said Dyson, in an interview with CBS MarketWatch. “But, clearly, we’re a big believer in paid content.” Dyson, who pens the monthly newsletter Release 1.0, said she’ll remain active at CNet as she works with the San Francisco-based tech and news media company to extend the reach of her product to its massive audience. “We were just too small in an industry that keeps scaling up,” said Dyson. “We do good work, and we’d like to reach a larger audience.”

I give Esther as a CNET employee 6-18 months, I just can’t see her working for anyone for any extended period of time.

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