Blogs are the new email address

Since we launched WIN (The Weblogs, Inc. Network) a couple of months back I’ve been shocked at how few people know what a blog is. Atbusiness and media events I tell people what we’re doing, watch as they try to grok it and then finally ask them “do you know what a blog is?”

I always ask this question in a compassionate way so they answer me honestly and 80% of the people I met do not know what they are, 10% have heard of them but don’t know what they are and 10% know what they are, have them or have at least read them.

It’s becoming clear to me that blogs are not simply journals or editorial. They are, in fact, the new email address. They will be the most important piece of data on anyone’s business card. Want to email me and don’t know my email address? Visit my blog which you will find by Googling me and fill in my contact form. Try finding someone’s email address using Google good luck.

Everyone will have a blog in ten years or less and I mean everyone. The way everyone has an email address today and so few people had email in 1994, the same will happen to your blog address. Why? Blogs are simple, as flexible as the Internet itself and they are rich. You can’t fit the same depth of information on a vcard.

Now, I’m sure some people said this about homepages back in 1994. However, back then people were not as tech savvy as they are now, and certainly only a fraction of them were online. In the past ten years online publishing technology has become easier, more powerful and more ambitious. Like many things, the second or third time is a charm.

Blogs are hyped, but the truth is they will ultimately surpass and transcend the current hype the same way the Internet did.

As much as it may seem they are overexposed, blogs are underrated.

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