RSS+P2P=Sick Power

As many of us heard at SXSW.COM this week Andrew is working on pulling together RSS feeds of files with the P2P file sharing system Bit Torrent. It would be cool if someone I trusted with music advice started an RSS feed called “Song a day” that would go find me the song that the person mentioned. The person making the RSS feed would not be involved in the crime of downloading the song, just making the list. Then the people reading the Feed would be saved the step of cutting and pasting the song names, launching their P2P software, finding the files, etc.

Andrew Grumet, a freelance Web consultant, posted instructions for his demo system on his weblog. Grumet’s demo consists of one small piece of software: an upgrade for the Radio RSS reader that enables it to use BitTorrent to automatically download enormous files in the case of Grumet’s demo, a set of public-domain music recordings listed on the LegalTorrents website.

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