WSJ says blogs are growing up”really?!

Marcus has an excellent story in the WSJ today about blogs making moneyat least in the political arena.

One of America’s newest congressmen may owe his seat to blogs. A few weeks before a special election last month, the campaign manager for Kentucky Democrat Ben Chandler bought $2,000 in ads on these Web sites. It was a risky move. Blogs are personal, diary-like Web pages that are usually devoted to a particular topic, and often have a decidedly sharp point of view.

While all the rage among Webheads, blogs are largely untested for advertising. In fact, Mark Nickolas, the campaign manager for Rep. Chandler, planned to reimburse the campaign from his own salary if the ads didn’t work out.

He didn’t have to worry: The ads ended up raising nearly $80,000 in contributions, enough to pay for a torrent of TV commercials and newspaper ads that helped propel the candidate to victory.

“Thanks to the blog ads, we bought every available spot [on local TV stations] and we still had money left,” says Mr. Nickolas.

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