SXSW Gestapo in full effect.

sxsw bouncer 2By now you’ve heard about the whole no photos and plugging in at SXSW controversy by now, and the fact that Cory used to pressure the conference producers to change the policy.

Ten minutes ago I just had four SXSW conference security guards (including one bouncer, on the right,who looked like a football player and was over six feet tall and like 300 pounds!) surround me in a very intimidating way in the speakers room because I was carrying a camera. They brought me a piece of paper that said no pictures, and I explained to them that the rule was changed. They insisted on standing around me while I was taking an important business call.

I told them they should go talk to Hugh and they got all upset and in my face about things. Imagine having this Hulk of guy standing over you while you’re on the phone with a business partner insane.

I’m giving Hugh the benefit of the doubt on this one I’ve known Hugh for five years and spoke here back in 1999. I’m sure it’s just a communication problem. However, this Gestapo-style stuff has got to stop. We all spent a lot of money to come here and support the event be nice to us!

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