SXSW Future of blog panel.

I’m in the Blogging Next Panel at SXSW.COM right now. I’ll update this post every ten minutes or so.

Blogging Next: Where Personal Publishing Goes From Here Monday, March 15 11:30 am – 12:30 pm 16B This session begins with a brief recap of the successes of this medium, followed by a lively debate on some of the trends and paths we expect to see in the future. We are looking for lots of audience interaction, participation and feedback here, so come to this panel ready to share your opinions on the blogs of tomorrow. Justin Hall , Correspondent – Anil DashSix Apart Ltd danah boyd , Researcher – University of California Berkley

Justin reminisces about how he used to be able to blog and no one would see what he wrote.

Danah talks about teenagers giving their parents their LiveJournal addresses to their parents as a decoy to their hidden blogs. She talks about negotiating your private and public lives with blogs, and how this is an extension of what we do in the real world.

Anil hinted about a possible new MT feature: using your buddy list to create a group of people who are allowed to read your blog, or even a blog post. Justin panned this because it is too much work.

The panel has turned into a circular conversation about are you publishing for everyone in the world, or just for a couple of people and what the ramifications are. This is all just common sense: if you post something on a blog, privately or publicly, you should assume everyone can see it and prepare for that eventuality. It’s the Paris Hilton Rule: if someone tapes you having sex assume everyone in the world will see it. End of discussion.

Justin pans the use of cell phones for blogging saying they are not suitable for blogging like the web is. Good point, however it is clear that a mobile phone blog is a cool thing, as are short notes (“quick hits”) send from a mobile phone.

Danah doesn’t buy into links as important in blogs, she thinks that the stories are the important part.

The panel debated the rcon (my new buzzword for reverse chronological nature of blogs) style of blogs. Justin discussed how the most important posts get lost in the constant updating on blogs. I guess blog software needs a tool to make something “sticky” that is something that keeps posts up top for some period of time.

There was an interesting discussion of blog posts expiring that basically ended with the fact that Google, archiving services and people saving blog posts manually will negate that.

Favorite Danah words (I love listening to Danah speak: she could read a Chinese food menu and make it sound prophetic): modality, recency, nascent, reverse chronological, teasing out, persistence, schema, reputation systems, shared-notions of content.

Girlwonder (aka Molly)called BS on the panel because they were talking about nothing and asked:

  1. 1.Anil to say where the tools are going. Answer: Anil felt mobile blogging is the future, as well as global expansion of blogging. He also mentioned identity and privacy (i.e. setting up who can see which posts on your blog) as important. Adding metadata to blogs posts like mood (i.e. from a mood ringjoking), geography and time (don’t we have time already?).

  2. Justin was asked where he sees personal publishing 10 years from now. Answer: Justin talked about dealing with his future children reading his blog. He thinks the future holds more experimentation.

  3. Danah was asked about the impact on relationships. Answer: She talked about the slowly letting out information to your children.

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