I’m in the SXSW.COM panel about “Small media” (aka Nanomedia)

dan and rustySo, I’m in a panel called “Small Media” here are SXSW.COM. Here are the panelists. I’ll add to this blog entry as people talk.

Rusty Foster , Managing Editor – Hotelchatter.com
Dan Gillmor , Columnist – San Jose Mercury News
Lisa Rein – Wide Hive Records
Jim Moore , Author
Jay Harris , Publisher – Mother Jones

What is the business model?

Harris on business (paraphrasing here): The business model is to use online as an extension of the non-profit mission. We use the website as a driver for the print publication.

Gillmor: Mentions a blog (Daily Kos) that did $10,000 in ads in February. Not bad.

Gillmor gave an overvew of Denton v. Calacanis without knowing I was in the audience, so I raised my hand and checked in about our recent advertising efforts.

Gillmor mention two of his favorite small media propertiesIF Stone’s Weekly(from the 50sit doesn’t exist anymore) and Center for Public Integrity.

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