New: The Playstation 3 Weblog & The XBox 2 Weblog.

atari joystickAs you can see we’ve added two new blogs to WIN (the Weblogs, Inc. Network): The Playstation 3 Weblog and The Xbox 2 Weblog.

Now, these two products are not coming out for months, if not years, so news will be very slow to trickle in. Don’t expect all that much from these blogs, perhaps a couple of posts a week.

To be honest we can’t find much news about these two new gaming consoles out there, however we thought that instead of being the 129th Playstation weblog we would just be the first Platstation 3 one.

If you have news, you know what to do: send it to us in the form on the right.

Oh yeah, we’ve got a really great blogger working with us on these sites, David Touve. David also works on our P2P blog. Hey David, how about introducing yourself?

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