Feeling, and solving, the pain of RSS.

My old friend Tristan Louis, who I consider one of the smarter people I’ve met in my days in the industry, has a blog post today about RSS burnout and has some ideas about where it is all headed.

He touches two important issues that I’ve been thinking about:

1.Cross-blog categorization (i.e. I’d like to hear what Esther Dyson, Jeff Jarvis and Dan Gillmor have to say about social software on one pagebut perhaps not all of their posts).

2.Knowing what people subscribe to is great, but I’d really like to know what they read.

It would be great if someone made an open source categorization scheme where by I could flag my posts by my categories and by the categories in this hypothetical system (i.e. like DMOZ).

Second, it would be great if OPML captured stats about what percentage of stories of a blogger I read. Then you could sort by most subscribed to and most read blogs.

The wild growth and adoption of RSS, feed readers and blogging are causing a lot of pain (aka problems), and where there is pain there is the opportunity to create companies that take away the pain. Pain, in a way equals progress (i.e. no pain, no gain).

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