Freedom of Speech Under Attack

Howard Stern has been kicked off six Clear Channel stations, is about to get fined by the FCC and eventually removed from radio completely. All five days after he started criticism of Bush.


Howard has been doing the same show for 20 years and all of sudden before the election the radio personality that has swung a number of major elections is being shut down. I’m sorry, I’m not buying it, this is clearly a conspiracy.

The Republicans are so busy kowtowing to the right wing that they are forgetting about huge problems like debt, jobs, globalization and terrorism. Why are we focusing on gay marriage, Howard Stern and faith-based programs when we have bigger things to worry about?! Why are we focusing on these things when equal rights and freedom of speech are the tenants of our democracy?

I’m sick to my stomach about how where this country is headed. It’s time for a regime change.

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