Jeff Jarvis frames the Engadget v. Gizmodo/Nick v. Jason debate

Jeff Jarvis, who is good friends with both Nick and I, sums up the week’s drama over

Calacanis is tripping over himself to say that this wasn’t about his erstwhile feud/pissing match with Denton and I think that’s true. If Jason just wanted to start a gadget blog, he could have gone and found a dozen candidates to do it (it’s not has hard as, say, finding just the right voice for a Gawker); I think this was a melding of mutual interests.

This is pretty spot on. Peter wanted to do his own thing and have some ownership. Nick’s model is to pay up front and have no ownership. Bloggers will, of course, place their bet: equity/upside v. cash in the hand/no upside. Viva la difference, to each his own, etc.

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