Engadget.com, Calacanis v. Denton and the Talented Mr. Rojas

Today we launched Engadget.com with Peter Rojas. I’m getting a lot of Calacanis v. Denton calls and emails. Let me just say this has nothing to do with me and Denton, and everything to do with the talent of Peter Rojas.

All I have to say at this point is “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.”

If you’re with the press please contact Brian Alvey, CEO of WIN (The Weblogs, Inc Network) and Peter Rojas of Engadget.comfor quotes.

Here are some clips from around the blogsphere. If you have press links please put them in the comments.

Calacanis Pilfers Denton
Technorati Links
Anil Dash: i suggest denton and calcanis with pistols, at te
Let the Gadget Blog Wars Begin!
I wondered where Pete had gone
Gizmodo Gone, Engadget coming
No more Gizmodo
Engadget, the new gadget blog
Gizmodo writer founds Engadget
PETER ROJAS, fundador do weblog Gizmodo (um dos meus favo
enGadget-from the co-founder of Gizmodo. And it’s got
Pete “Gizmodo” Rojas is now at Engadget
Watch out, the nanopublishing wars have begun
Welcome Engadget!
Daypop Search
atmaspheric | endeavors: Best of Luck to engadget
Engadget site goes live this evening
Feedster Search
Gothamist: Our technology news prayers have been answered
Gothamist intervies Rojas
I’m in heaven..
Goodbye gizmodo.net, hello engadget.com
Niche Publishing – Engadget
Gizmodo reincarnated
Nick Denton’s second pro blogger is now also leavin
I’m a little disappointed and surprised
This is truly gizmo heaven
If I ran Gizmodo(with a lot of comments including Nick Denton’s)

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