Phonecam ban on red carpet at Oscars

Interesting post today about phone cams getting booted at the Oscars.

emmanuelle: Scarlett Johansson from Lost in Translation and Ghost World. Unfortunately I had to stop moblogging after a while because a security person kindly told me camphones were forbidden and would be confiscated. I complied so no more pics! Funningly, regular cameras are OK, but not camphones or PDAphones because by moblogging you could tip off terrorists!! I thought the terrorists would watch TV if they really wanted to know what’s going on – I just hope they’re nowwhere near. Anyway, on the red carpet you see a lot of wrinkles that you’re not supposed to see, and lots of not-so-slim people. Oh yeah, and some dresses are really pretty bad, in the way that they don’t fit and are not flattering at all. Hey, a scoop: Hollywood stars are humans!

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