Free Spiers (Gawker says The Kicker is done… you heard it here two weeks ago)

Updated: So, Spiers is saying that the Kicker was down for technical reasons and that it may or not be being shut down.They shouldkill it since it is update soinfrequently that itreally isn’t a blog.

Gawker is reporting the Kicker is done. I heard this two weeks ago from two different people and reported it here. No one picked up on the story here (I guess bloggers are starting to get gun shy about linking to rumors after the whole Drudge thing).

If Spiers wants to get back in the saddle I’m willing to partner with her 50-50 and show Nick Denton that bloggers should get some upside in this business. Spiers would catch up to Gawker’s traffic in three short months (no offense to Choire, we love what you do too).

ES: hit me on the cellie-cell: 917-597-6209 and let’s blow this thing out.

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