In case you missed it the P2P VoIP company Skype now offers free conference calls!

Skype is an amazing piece of P2P software that let’s you do voice over IP (make a phone call over the Internet). They just added a feature that lets you do conference calls over the Internet. Amazing, no more paying a couple of dollars a minute for 800 number calls (at least when everyone is at their desk and tehy have a microphone and headset combo).

From the Press Release: Skype Technologies S.A., the Global P2P Telephony Company that offers consumers the ability to make free voice calls using their broadband connections, today announced the world’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) Internet telephony conference calling feature, allowing up to five friends to talk with each other simultaneously, regardless of geography. Skype Beta 0.97 furthers the unique feature set that has made Skype the breakout VOIP-category product in the 6 months since its initial beta launch in August, 2003. Skype is currently offered in 15 languages and has nearly 3 million users from more than 165 countries. Skype is averaging approximately 15 new user registrations per minute.

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