Blogs Mean Better Listings on Google, but can you make money from them?

Webpronews has a story about a talk by Rick Bruner where he explains the various types of blogs out there, what they’re good for and if they can make money.

Shockingly he doesn’t think they can, even though there are numerous people already making money from them. The reason he gives for them not making money is “Because blogs are basically just a great marketing tool.”

Uhhh that makes no sense. Sure they are a great marketing tool, but do you think Nick Denton, Weblogs, Inc, and the dozens of other sites out there already making money from blogs are in this for marketing?

Anyway, I suppose it is good news for Brian and I that people don’t think you can make money from blogs. The longer people think blogs are not monetizable the longer we can do the slow burn over here at WIN (the Weblogs, Inc. Network).

From When asked whether it’s possible to monetize a blog, Bruner replied without hesitating, “No.” Why? Because blogs are basically just a great marketing tool. There are, of course, some people who do successfully monetize blogs. Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report became a blogging millionaire through paid advertisements that make a lot of money due to the high number of site impressions. Meanwhile, political blogger Andrew Sullivan managed to raise $1,000 through one fundraising event.

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