Daily News on Bloggers on John Lee on blogging being a white man’s sport.

The NY Daily News picks up on the “Blogging is the white man’s sport” meme that sprung up from John Lee’s recent editorial. In classic News style they make this into some huge event and claim Lee is shocked by all this. Of course, Lee emailed every blogger on the planet with his post knowing that no one would pick it up if he didn’t.

NY Post: Since Lee leveled his charge this week on Africana.com, a chorus of bloggers have weighed in pro and con, and Sicha and Cox have been at pains to defend themselves.

“I would applaud John Lee for making me feel guilty, but I am a white liberal – it’s just not that hard,” Cox wrote. “My intent is to mock the powerful and to draw attention to the hypocrisy of the true believers. If Lee didn’t understand that’s what I was trying to do [in her facetious commentary on rap mogul Russell Simmons recently disrupting a celeb-studded Democratic strategy session on the upper West Side], I don’t think it’s my job to explain the joke to him.”

Sicha, meanwhile, E-mailed me: “My interns are busily drafting Mr. Lee a lengthy memo on the meaning of sarcasm.”

Lee, for his part, sounded greatly amused.

“Who knew this firestorm du jour would inspire a response like Dean losing a primary?” he told me. “When Gawker and Wonkette are confronted with their own brand of sarcasm and subjective inspection they react like a comedian bombing onstage, saying, You don’t get it!’

“We do get it. It’s just funnier to see how thin-skinned they are.”

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