Yahoo Google breakup is getting ugly

Battelle got this blog entry from a Google user-interface designer Kevin Fox who has this to say about Yahoo!s new search product. Fox just took the post down.

Google’s search for cameras’ gives a sponsored link for cameras at at the top of the page, and eight AdWords ads down the side. The first four results make perfect sense: DP Review, Short Courses the leading publisher of photography-related eBooks, Conatax/Yashica, and Nikon USA. As you go farther down the list, there’s more useful stuff.

Now try Yahoo’s version. Right off the bat you have cross-sell links to products, and sponsored results that mimic web results which, along with the standard AdWordsClone ads on the right, push the first actual web search result below the fold, where most users won’t even see it.

But say you do scroll down and see top 20 web results’ (out of 27,700,000). The first one on the list is for Jersey Swimwear, USA with the blurb: “Coming soon Jersey swimwear for MILKDUDS.COM!”

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