Verizon and Asurion insurance scam.

Update: t-Mobile hates Asurion too!

So, I bought this Kyocera 7135 phone at Verizon Wireless. The guy sells me on this great insurance from Asurion where you can simply call Asurion if there is a problem and they send you a new phone in the mail and give you a new one.

I call Asurion today because my phone is crashing constantly despite the fact that I’ve reinstalled the software and because the battery keeps shutting off randomly.

So, I get Asurion on the phone and they start out by saying there is a $50 deductable. I tell them I wasn’t told that and the agent says that they get that all the time from Verizon customers!

I get escalated to a manager who says that the phone is not broken and that it is a software issue, that I need to go to Kyocera. I explain about the battery problem and he says that I didn’t say there was a battery problem from the start so that they can’t process the claim. I say, well maybe your person didn’t put it in. He says I’m out of luck.

The irony of all of this is that they replaced my friends 7135 last week with another model from another company because the 7135s are so much of a problem. Verizon has dropped the Kyocera 7135 because of all the problems.

I’ve never been treated worse in customer service in my life. I highly recommend you stay away from Asurion, a highly unethical company with horribly rude representatives.

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  1. Summation provided by this customer. I too have had a go with this company (Asurion) a couple of months ago. My phone a Motorola “motorazr” had gotten wet and I needed to have it replaced. It took two months to get this resolved. Asurion wanted the old phone returned to them (no problem, right?) they sent a postage paid envelope to return the damaged phone in, there is no way to track the whereabouts of this package while in route back to Asurion. The package ultimately went missing so they come back to me wanting me to pay for the “missing” phone. I sent an E-mail to the CEO of “Asurion” and told him I had no proof that the phone as missing, I attempted to send the package with return receipt (found that because it was postage pre-paid I could not send it that way), so I basically told him I have no proof that he has not received the phone, and for all I know you have the phone. I have not heard from them since. But yes, a very shady outfit to deal with, the people are extremely rude and incompetent!

  2. this is the worst customer care i’ve ever experienced in my life.
    they are the rudest people i’ve ever encountered. good luck with dealing with those bxtches!

  3. Bought an LG phone VX8300 thought it was stolen, but I found it, and told asurion I did after paying the 50.00 dedctable.I asked them if I send you the phone back can I get my 50.00 back
    they said no. I said well you are just going to give the phone to someone else right, they didn’t answer me on that, which ment yes.

  4. Hello, I bought a T-Moble over 2-years ago, they signed me up to the insurance with Asurion, I’ve been paying $3.99 a month for this insurance for over two years and finally yesterday my phone stops working, I went to T-Mobile and they had me call this place, when they told me I had to pay anywhere between $25.00 to $140 for the deductable I hit the roof and was screaming at the lady over the phone, the customers in the store just stopped and listened. I told her that I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau, I got a new phone through T-Mobile for $20.00 and told them that if I saw Asurion charges on my phone I would call an attorney, why should I pay that much money to replace my phone when it was only $20.00 to begin with? Needless to say their 20-customers in the store walked out without that insurance LOL! T-Mobile never said a word to me about any deductible, I never got a thing in the mail and they never told me anything about going online to check out the insurance, they just signed me up for it said it was automatic to protect my phone, this was in Covington, WA. That’s $119.00 I am out of now because of this scam they pull. You are completely right it is just a scam. I am letting everybody know about it too!

  5. I have never had such poor customer service as I had from Assurion. They charged me 85.00 deductible for a 199.00 new phone and sent me a reconditioned phone. When I told them that I do not want a phone that been used before as Metro has so many nefarious characters on their system that I did not want ap prior used ESN number they just laughed at me and said it is in the contract to get a refurbished or new phone at their option. So I paid the monthly fee and had to pay the hugh deductible for them to send me someone else’s phone.

    Do as I am doing, purchase a new one and do a pro se small claims court suit against them. As they are a corporation they will have to have an attorney represent them and charge them the hourly fee and they will lose so much money on these claims that they will have to strighten their act out.

    I am now meeting with a class action firm to see if we can get class action status on my claim.

    good luck

  6. I have being trying to settle a claim with asurion from October 23rd one person said thay did not recieve my fax but after talking supervisor within 5mins she said the photo ID was to dark, i went ahead and faxed another ID i then called back another worker said she can’t tell me anything before 3hrs.I then called back on October 30th thay are saying i need to fax my info again.Can someone help me.


  8. Ok I feel you so much they did the same thing to me. i had to get a replacement phone cause my phone had water damge i didnt mind paying the 50 dollars then cause it was my fault but then the phone they sent me was in worse condition than the phone that had water damage but the battery was doing the same thing the other mans was its crazy i would rather have my other phone back.

  9. I just had a horrible experience with Asurion. Customer service stinks and they would not let me speak with a manager. I would like to be part of the class action lawsuit.

  10. I agree with the others who have had a phone insured under
    Asurion and found out that excuses and non-service is all you
    get. We have six phones, three of which we have had the
    Asurion insurance. The $50 fee per phone, plus the monthly
    charge is more than you would spend when buying new phone each
    time they crash. We received a phone from Asurion, $50 charge
    and it was bad when received. Long story short, we had a
    hastle with them on the phone and ended up cancelling the
    insurance. Bad Deal with this company.

  11. I have experienced the same problems with Asurion. The representatives are extremely rude and consistently blame the carrier’s policies. I have a Motorola razor 9vm which has had contstant problems, I am on my third phone now. The last two dropped calls instantly, the second dropped calls when placing the call. Now the phone will not stay charged. I have spent hours on the phone with tech support and Asurion. In additon, Asurion transferred me back to teach support after speaking with them 1 minute earlier. They are a horrible company in all respects. I am trying to avoid speaking with them, I do not seem to have any choice. A letter to the the CEO’s of the carrier and Asurion may make a slight difference.

  12. I to have a lot of trouble with Assuron. After a few years of paying I lost my phone and called for a replacement. First the company was giving me a hard time about calling the police to report it as lost and sending them a police report. After I told them that I ant doing that the the police cant find my phone at the bottom of the bay. Then they hit me with a $50.00 copay witch I was unaware I had to pay I guess I should have read that contract. Thats my falt. ( I called my phone and told them if they dont give me a credit I’m going eleseware. They did.) A day or two latter a used and broken phone came. Then another used one came I asked them why they keep sending used and different modle phone. I called again ant told them I want the same phone. No good it was like talking to driftwood. Well about 11 months latter I droped the phone in the drink again called and guess what they told me that I could only use the insurence once a year. It gets better then they tell me to hit the road and cancle my insurece. Assuron Sucks and read the contract frist

  13. I purchased my 2 yr upgrade verizon LG phone and 10 days
    later it fell and was stepped on by a horse. The phone worked
    but the screen was blank. I was told to call Asurion and was
    charged the $50 for replacement (didn’t know that!. They
    didn’t have my phone because it was too new and THEY ONLY
    couldn’t find my 911 address in their system to send UPS to
    (but I receive packages all the time), then they looked
    somewhere else, found it, and I received a phone. I didn’t
    like it as much, no book, no car charger as promised, no return
    envelope for old phone, and a Sprint return instruction sheet
    (so it didn’t recognize my phone # when I called the Asurion’s
    number on the sheet. I called customer service and they
    couldn’t find my order that indicated a car charger. I talked
    To a supervisor who found that and said it was on b/o. She
    then called me & left message she couldn’t find my 911 address
    to call her, but did not leave a number. The call came from
    615-111-1111, which is a non-working number. All in all
    I’m disgusted with the replacement service and the quality of
    the company. and still no car charger.

  14. Asurion carried the insurance on my BlackBerry. When the phone got wet for $50 deductible Asurion sent me a new phone which worked for 2 weeks. The port to charge and connect to the computer began to have issues by the second week. I called from the phone, however I needed to be on a landline for service. I don’t have a landline except in the office which I am rarely in the office or same city. Today less than a month of having this BB I talked with Asurion. Since this seems to be a port issue, they voided the insurance policy. Mechanical issues void the policy, if I ran over the phone for another $50 they would have replaced it. The logic that this was the phone they sent me seemed to escape them. Save your money to purchase a new phone if you destroy your phone. Between the $50 deductible and the monthly fee I could have paid for the new BB I just had to buy to replace the replacement.

  15. Purchased a Palm Pre from Sprint, was NOT sold the insurance, but it was added to my account without me being aware, which I though was my lucky day because I placed the phone on the dashboard as I left the store, turning out of the parking lot and onto the highway, the phone slid accross the dashboard, out the window and onto the highway, you should have seen my face, I could not believe it! I picked it up in pieces, ran back to the store and they told me not to worry, I had assurion, yeah right, assurion declined the claim because I did not log any airtime minutes, I only had the phone for about 45 seconds! I have not chance to make a call!!! what a lame excuse to deny a claim, I did check their terms of service and it is stated that time must be logged, don’t know what my next step will be, this happened yesterday. Mad at sprint for selling me something without my knowledge and then when when I tried using the service they use this lamest of excuses to avoid holding up their end of the bargain.

  16. I recently broke the LCD on my LG Voyager which has since been discontinued. I logged onto Asurion’s website, and started my claim, at the end of which the website stated that the phone was not available and that I would have to call Asurion and I thought here we go. But quite the contrary. When I called they advised me that the phone was discontinued and that I would have to accept the newer model LG enV Touch when they receive them back in stock. Not a big deal since my phone still worked just not the front screen. As for the complaining about the $50 copay. I have known about that copay for years ever since I first started using the insurance so I would say to be your own advocate and ask some questions. If you think it is too good to be true then it probably is, so ask some follow ups and they will tell you.

  17. I am very unsatisfied with Assurion as well, I would write my s story but its way to o long

    story but it way too long. Help me out, who the is federal
    agency that take cares of scamming companies like Assurion?

    WE should start complaining with the government about these
    lieges blood suckers…
    Please, give me a number or website to complaint about them?

  18. Yeah, that’s really bad, But working for that company is just as bad. They try to kill you.

  19. With a 16 year old son, believe me I have filed numerous claims wtih Asurion and have had very pleasant experiences with them everytime I call. The people in Customer Service couldn’t ahve been nnicer.

  20. Assurion is a scam. Paid every month; needed the insurance;
    they charged for a for a refurbished phone which stopped taking
    a charges within a couple of weeks and they wanted me to buy
    another refurbished phone from them! They are in the business of selling broken refurbished phones that they getr to temporarily work – just long enough
    to stick it to you. Time to go iphone.

  21. i had a bad experience with asurion much like the others several years ago, but in the last year my wife left her 2 month old Glyde in the rain and asurion sent a brand new one the next day. this weekend her bag and phone got wet on the beach, and the glyde was acting up again. next day they have a glyde sent to us. this time it looks fine, but im sure is a refurb. hope it works but otherwise the seem to be much better than in years past. im glad i have the service on her account otherwise id be out $$$ for 2 new phones

  22. I’ve used them three times and they’ve always been fast and reliable. I’ve never had a problem with them, ever.

  23. I agree with Dan. Just because you’re too lazy to do the work doesn’t put them in the wrong. If you go to their website everything is in black and white. You guys should take a little more responsibility for yourselves.

  24. I filed a claim last week for my LG Dare that got wet and had a replacement LG Dare the very next day. Everyone I talked to said they could hear echoeing so I called Aurion and they tried to trouble shoot it… when that didn’t work, they offered to send me a brand new LG Dare or I could get a brand new LG EnV touch. I’m such a conspiracy theorist, I didn’t have time to research the EnV touch and thought they were scamming me into a crappier phone so I stuck w/the Dare and then after doing research realized they were trying to help and get me a better phone. Oh well. Point of the story is I am happy with them so far. I spoke with 2 different cust svc reps and used the online claims and all were great. Reps were very friendly and helpful and I have a 3 year old that was screaming in the background the whole time.

  25. I am having all the problems that I read above, I called
    Asurion last week, do to my phone not work properly, with
    the insurance that I have been paying for over a year with
    my phone company, why pay insurance if it goes for nothing.
    Asurion said they would replace my phone, with a $85.00
    charge, why would I pay anything, I am supposedly paying
    insurance every month for this purpose.
    After paying this $85.00 charge and getting my new phone what a joke this phone
    is nothing as they said it would be, the phone is already
    having problems with charging and the features.
    This company is a joke, they are rude to every customer that
    call, and oh look no manager to talk to, when your having
    an issue. I am contacting the BBB, and my lawyer.

  26. I have had Verizon for 7 years and I have know from the start
    that there was a fee to replace a phone. I have used them 3
    times and have had very good, quick results. One time they
    didn’t even charge me the fee. I found their customer service
    reps to be very friendly and helpful.

  27. I have cell telephone service through AT&T and decided to take their insurance on my son’s phone. The company that contracts to them is Asurion. Since my son’s phone had not been holding a charge well(12-24 hours/charge) over the last month I went to the local AT&T store and was given a card with no company name but a phone number to contact for insurance. My husband made the call, explained to the representative the problem and was told that the phone would be replaced, but the company did not have the same phone available (an LG Shine) and that we would be sent another model that might be a new or refurbished model. The model number was given, but I’m afraid that meant nothing to us since we were given no choice or time to research what we were being sent. My husband was then told that a $50.00 deductable would be charged to our phone bill.

    We were given no chance to find out what model we were to receive, we had never clearly been informed about the deductible and were taken totally off guard by Asurion. I was listening as my husband spoke with the representative and was horrified by the expense and immediately searched for prices for a replacement battery. After I found the battery for $15.99, my husband immediately called Asurion back. This occurred within approximately five minutes after hanging up from the first call (definitely in less than ten minutes). He was told that he could not cancel and that the charge was nonrefundable.

    I went on to call AT&T to complain about their service provider. The customer service representative from AT&T tried to assist me, going so far as to contact the company and carry on a three way call, to no avail. The same stance was maintained. Although AT&T offered to credit my account the charge I feel that Asurion gave extremely poor customer service. When I complained to the AT&T customer service representative about the poor quality of the company that they use to service their accounts she started the process for me to lodge a complaint. She came back on the line saying that she had located a number for a complaint service with Asurion. She put me through to talk to that representative who very kindly condescended to make an allowance and credit the money back to my account after I returned “without activating” the phone I would receive.

    I at that time expressed my dissatisfaction with their company policies and explained my intent to log complaints against them.

    I feel that since their site advertises “next day” shipment (I checked the site after the contact) and my call came within ten minutes of the order they could have assisted me without putting me through so much. They absolutely refused to provide assistance until I threatened to file complaints and blog about their company. This takes advantage of all other customers who are rushed into an expensive decision with no recourse who are either not willing or unable to complain bitterly. People should not have to waste time and energy and become distraught due to questionable company policies.

    I would like to see a change in the way customers are informed of what they are getting for the money they spend on insurance. They should be clearly informed that the phones they have insured will not necessarily be replaced with the same model, that the phone they receive may or may not be new, and that there is a $50.00 nonrefundable deductable. I also found out in the course of my conversations today that if some poor soul had two claims on this insurance within twelve months they would be dropped immediately. Asurion needs to make sure that all of their customers are clearly informed of these policies.

  28. I am also having problems with this company.
    They have sent me 2 phones that are in worse
    condition than the one that I am having replaced.

  29. I am having problems getting my phone bill credited due to them saying the phone that I returned was not received. However it was sent out regular mail according to what was advised on the marked eeveleope. I would like to have this done as soon as possible.
    thank you kara j. kick

  30. I bought a G1 Android phone from T-Mobile 6 months ago. It was
    the first pricey phone that I’ve owned. So I went with the
    insurance offered to me by the sales rep from T-Mobile. I did
    not know that Asurion was the Insurer. I thought T-Mobile was
    the Insurer. I wasn’t told any different. I just looked at my
    service agreement and insurance charge, and nowhere does it
    say that a third party (Asurion) is involved. No mention was
    made of a co-pay or deductible. T-Mobile rep told me that if
    my phone was lost or damaged, that it would be replaced if I
    insurance. I lost my phone a couple of days ago, and found out
    that Asurion is my Insurer. They charged me a $130 deductible
    and sent me a used phone which is defective. Now they have to
    send me another replacement. Like someone said, at $130 deduct
    for a used phone, Asurion is making a profit on my losing my
    phone–plus the replacement was missing the SD card. There is
    something to be done in my case–and I’m going to do it:
    T-Mobile is acting as an unlicensed Insurance Agent for Asurionn
    If T-Mobile offered insurance as part of their warranty, they
    would be legal. But, instead they’re acting as agents for a 3d
    party (Asurion). In California you can’t sell insurance unless
    you have a license. It’s against the law. I intend to file
    against T-Mobile and Asurion with the State Commissioner of
    Insurance and pursue other legal action.

  31. My experience with Asurion via Verizon mirrors others.
    I really like my Palm Treo Smartphone and depend on it
    for work. I paid $50 dollars twice to replace defective
    phones that Asurion kept sending me. I was dropped for making
    the maximum claims this past year. Present phone is
    operational but plastic housing held together with masking

  32. asurion is a great insurance comapany, i never had any problems with company i finished my claim for my t-mobile sidekick LX09 and will recieve my new one tomorrow!!!! deductible of $130.

  33. First of all, I WORK AT ASURION!! && if some of you all would read ur terms and conditions like your suppose to then you wouldnt have any problems filing a claim with Asurion. Asurion works the same as most insurance companies. They are a third party company to Verizon Wireless and can not help that most of Verizon Wireless reps do not take the time to read the insurance portion of the terms and conditions. So if your miss informed or you get the run around because your phone has software issues or is MALFUNCTIONING, Asurion CAN NOT COVER THAT!! Does your car insurance company cover your car if you just bought a car of the lot and you drove 5 miles and all of a sudden the car quit working?? NO!! The dealership you bought it from needs to help you, it works the same way. If you read the paper work thats provide for you when you sign your contract then alot of you would not be complaining. But most people EXPECT to be told everything. YOU HAVE TO READ YOURSELF. Your big kids so do it yourself. All of you can bash Asurion all you want but its a GREAT COMPANY! Ya’ll just dnt like it because you didnt get your way so you wanna cry and blog about it!! And you would also know that in your terms and conditions it does state that you could get a new or remanufactured phone. SO READ YOUR PAPERWORK PEOPLE and stop being pissed off for no reason

  34. My problems with Asurion is just a terrible headache. I am a sprint customer and after my daughter had gotten her phone stolen, we had to get a replacement. After so many years of paying this insurance protection they send me phones that are no longer made and are not able to work with the Sprint network. It took Tech support Advance team, in person at the Sprint store and more trouble shooting than I care to speak on. Let’s just say in I received 3 defective/non-working phones in 5 days. It took an Advance Tech member to call Asurion directly and speak to their supervisor to handle the situation. Then it went to the Office of the CEO. I have yet to receive a properly working phone and when I asked the person in their CEO office about quality assurance checks, he simply replied that they only cosmetically recondition the phones and do not know if a phone works properly until a customer activates it. What a waste of assuring that you have protection when something goes wrong with a cell phone. We will be cancelling any services for phone replacement.

    Not only this problem but it became quite ridiculous when I would contact them, they would put me on hold, then transfer me to some cyberspace call center where I’d sit on hold then eventually hang up the phone. So now when I deal with them, I contact Sprint, and request that they contact Asurion to handle this problem. Asurion Reps were upset and demanded that I no longer have a 3rd party on the line when dealing with this situation. Well, as stated to them, I am a Sprint customer and they went above and beyond their duty to provide adequate customer service and understands that after 3 phones with the same problem, that I was not the one with the problem.

    I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use Asurion for their cell phone insurance. They will not serve you the way loyal paying customers should be treated.

  35. great experiences. i would rather pay the deductible and monthly then pay a new price of 500 or more if lost or stolen or stops working. i have had my phones replaced multiple times with them, and think the service is great. you have to figure out if paying the service is workth it based on the true full price value of your phone. so with expensive pds/smartphones it is worth it. with cheap 20-100 dollar phones probably not… also after a certain amount of months you have to figure out if it is worth continuing the service based on the value of your phone and what your have paid out already and also keep in mind what your new every two, or discount would be with your early upgrade or whatnot through verizon… it is silly to think that you should pay monthy fees on cheap hones for replacement. be smart about what you want, read the fine print before signing things, and dont always trust some poor sap behind a counter that thinks its a good idea for you to get this product…. you must figure it out for yourself… all the info is available for you, you just need to read it yourself… I have used this service for years, and will continue to do so when it makes sense based on return value of my phone… sorry for your troubles, and i that you figure out a way to get a new device.

  36. Phn insurance is just like car insurance you idiots!!!! You have to pay a ded.~!!! Now if your phn is damaged or wet…guess what…you have to pay!!!! If the Insurance Company is sooooo bad…Why dnt you drop the insurance…and when your phn breaks or gets wet or whateva the hell yall do to your phn….PAY FULL RETAIL PRICE FOR ANOTHER ONEEEEEE!!!!! Silly Customers….!!!

  37. Another insurance scam to beware of is homeowners insurance scams especially in such difficult economic times and when severe weather conditions jeopardize life and health.

    Royal Palm Insurance , Gainseville , FL , and Newman Insurance Agency , Inc., Hollywood , FL and Tower Hill Insurance Company , Gainseville , FL, were involved in arranging and providing homeowners insurance and soon after they were paid for the insurance they would inform customer the home is at risk and cancel the policy. Then offer another policy for significant additional amount.

    During hurricane season policy is cancelled again and customer again is informed that the home is at risk.

  38. Also beware of homeowners insurance scams especially in such difficult economic times and when severe weather conditions jeopardize life and health.

    Royal Palm Insurance , Gainseville , FL , and Newman Insurance Agency , Inc., Hollywood , FL and Tower Hill Insurance Company , Gainseville , FL, were involved in arranging and providing homeowners insurance and soon after they were paid for the insurance they would inform customer the home is at risk and cancel the policy. Then offer another policy for significant additional amount.

    During hurricane season policy is cancelled again and customer again is informed that the home is at risk.

  39. Assurion is not only the worst customer service I have experienced, the refurbished phone comes from Mexco. I am on my 3rd on and it still doesn’t work.

  40. There are a lot of misconceptions about Asurion…I work for
    a company that replaces phones through them so let me clear
    some things up..

    1. Asurion insurance only covers things the warranty does not
    the initial blog post spoke of what sounds like software issues
    THIS IS NOT AN INSURANCE ISSUE this is a warranty issue that would
    be covered under the providers warranty. If you are out of warranty
    you are most likely eligible for upgrade. For example, with a car
    you wouldn’t call your insurance company because your brand new
    car’s check engine light went on, you’d go to the dealership.
    If you got into an accident, then you could make an insurance claim.

    2. In regards to people’s comments about there being a
    deductible for a “20$” phone, the phone is only that cheap
    because you most likely signed a contract with the service provider.
    If you were to try to buy a phone with out a contract, they would
    range from 200 (for your most basic flip phone), to 600$ (for
    the newest smart phones). Don’t blame your carrier for those prices
    they are what even authorized retailers PAY our of pocket for these phones.
    So a 50$ deductible versus a $3-400 charge isn’t too bad.
    The reason they are like new is because no insurance company would
    be able to stay in business by collecting 4-5$ a month from you
    and then sending out $500 phones. In most cases people just use
    the insurance replacement to hold themselves over until they are
    eligible to upgrade.

    Truth be told, the reps at the stores should’ve told you about
    the deductible, you should have the right to chose if you want
    the insurance. But personally, I think anyone who has a phone
    with a keyboard, touchscreen, or a PDA would be silly for not getting it.
    It is rare that deductible + monthly fee the price adds up to
    more than what the phone would’ve cost you outright to buy it

    Also, all insurance replacements from Asurion come with a 90 day
    warranty of their own, so if your replacements really are in that
    bad of shape, contact them. They will gladly troubleshoot the device
    and send out a new one if necessary.

    Phew. That is all! 🙂

  41. Love all the brain dead morons on here trying to defend this scamming company saying that they got new phones multiple times. They are lying. I know countless people that have gotten shafted. I know from personal experience on many more than one occasion that if you file more than one claim in a two year period they out right refuse to replace the phone. I also know from 3 out of 4 experiences that their phones come broke.

    I’m not spending more money on them. I’m just setting that money aside and I’ll replace the phone myself should something happen.

  42. If you must deal with these jokers do yourself and others a favor and tell them the phone was lost. The still have to replace it, they can’t make you file a police report for a theift, and they can’t resell your crap phone to other poor fools.

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