Update #3: Phone call with TSA/Homeland Security

Just had a two minute discussion with the TSA (1-866-289-9673) and although the agent had no idea why my email wasn’t answered he said he would get right on it and even gave me his personal email to send a picture to.He has a Department of Homeland security email address so that is promising.

Here is the email I just sent. If anyone is flying out of Long Beach, let me know if they closed the deck on the second floor in the restaurant.

– Original Message –
From: Jason McCabe Calacanis
To: Ray.darnell@dhs.gov
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 9:55 AM
Subject: Long Beach


Nice speaking with you a moment ago.

Here is a photo of the deck at the restaurant at the Long Beach airport. As you can see people are one flight, or about 10 feet, away from the runway.

Please let me know the outcome of this. As an American, New Yorker and the brother of a NYC firefighter I’m appalled by the lack of security at Long Beach. This deck was closed for the year after 9/11 then suddenly opened again. Who made the call to reopen a deck that is 10 feet from the runway, has a four foot fence and no security? Can we find out and fire that person?

The waiter at the restaurant told me they reopened it because no one cares about security anymore. Is that how you feel?

best regards, Jason

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