Red Herring on Blogs making money

Red Herring’s blog has a post about a blog panel at DEMO where people discussed blogs making money:

Herring: Audience members wanted to know how blogging makes a business, which, frankly, is missing the point. “When will there be a blog IPO?” Probably never, because one blog is not a company, but a conversation, similar to a part-time job. There’s not a great deal of economic value there.

One blog certainly does not a company makeof course.

However, last time I checked Nick Denton had four and Weblogs, Inc. had 20and we are both just getting started. Nick will have at least 10 blog by the end of the year, and I’m sure we will have 100.

Blogs will make a lot of money over the next couple years if they are bundled in groups and combined with other services (i.e. research, databases, events, etc). Look at websites, email newsletters and print newslettersthey make a ton of money.

Anyone who thinks differently should just look at Drudge, Daily Candy or the $1.5m a year we used to make doing the Silicon Alley Reporter Daily email newsletter. Professionally produced blogs are going to be little powerhouses in the media landscape.

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