FOAF @ eTech

I’m in Dan Brickley’s “Fear of a FOAF Planet – Acronyms and Activism on the Semantic Web” panel right now.

He is addressing a bunch of problems with FOAF, like people lying about themselves and relationships.

He defines FOAF as “A web of files describing a web of people,” and praises FOAF for being simple.

Says they didn’t account for “lies, mischief, mistakes.” There is no central control for people creating Faksters, and people can say anything about anyone, anyway they want, and because people host their own files there is no way to stop them.

Of course, I don’t see this as an issuepeople have lied since the beginning of time and if they do so on GeoCities, SixDegrees, Orkut or in FOAF what difference does it make?

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