File sharing and social software

I’m in my second panel “Next Generation File Sharing With Social Software” by Robert Kaye, MusicBrainz.

This talk has basically focused on shifting the focus of P2P networking from quantity to quality by basically adding social software (i.e. browsing) to Napster and Kazaa. This idea has been around forever, I mean Kazaa and Napster did allow you to browse people’s hard drives, but the idea here would be to do something a little more like Firefly or Amazon’s “People who bought this bought that” feature.

Of course, the only reason this has not happened already is the RIAA coming down hard on everyone involved. In order to make this system work the speaker said you need to cloak your private social network by having SSH and having the network be invite only.

For now if you want to do this simply go to Friendster, click on your friends lists and see who they list in their music and movie choices, or better yet just send your friends a message asking for new music choices.

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