Movable Type getting slammed big time…

Movable Type, and MT bloggers, get hit hard in this essay. Here is the Movable Type diss:

Movable Type is badly designed
Movable Type is written by web designers, not programmers. It looks good, but unfortunately falls apart under the slightest touch. There are scripts out there which can automatically hammer your blog into tiny, tiny bits by someone with a room-temperature IQ and just a few keystrokes of effort.

Movable Type’s bad design makes it easier to DoS you Every time you post a new item or someone posts a new comment, Movable Type spawns a little instance of perl. It then zips through and builds a new static page from the dynamic data since it’s now changed. This process consumes your server’s processor power. Movable Type’s search feature in particular seems to be a processor hog for some reason.

In addition to this, most of you have email notification on new comments turned on. If (when) someone crapfloods you or decides to flood you with searches, you might be lucky enough to get 100, 300 or maybe even 10,000 emails in your inbox. If you’re not so lucky, the server which runs your blog will crash and/or your hosting company will go apeshit. In this case, the load average of the hosting server reached 200. Two hundred. This was caused by a mere 350 searches per day over a two day period. No comment.

Some early reviews:

Joe Greenlight: All I can think is that this guy was an only child, or a neglected step-child, and never really received the attention he deserved in his formative years.

House 8: The section titles alone are worth it.

Classy’s Kitchen: Some of it is Andrew Orlowski style blog bashing, pointlessness defined, but there are good points also.

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