Choire (aka Gawker) on Salon on Anonymous Bloggers

Choire pokes fun at Salon (are they still in business?!) being upset at anonymous bloggers

According to Salon, trash-talking anonymous bloggers like Media Whores Online, Atrios, and TMF TML are ruining the media. Those mouth-offs could be anyone! They could be your cleaning lady, or your boss, or your local Jagermeister distributor! They could even be nobodies!

Worse, Salon alleges, they’re clearly jealous and they crave the jobs of the people they lampoon. Yeah, that’s it: they want to be print media columnists, that’s why they won’t reveal themselves and sell out to big media like everyone else. Come on, anonymous folk: take those 2-bucks-a-word magazine gigs that will edit every bit of your own style out of your writing and then not pay you until the next fiscal year! It’s fun, really!
The Fix [Salon]

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