The Unofficial Dean Scream Resource List (40+ Remixes!!!)

Updated Feb 3rd: This one is great:Hey

YEAAAAHHHHH!! (Outkast remix by Lizm)

How come no one has done a duet of Steve

Ballmerand Howard Dean


Update Feb 1st: Dean

Scream might not have been!

My partner Brian Alvey blogged the Dean Scream last week, so I thought I would take all his Google traffic and start

“The Unofficial Dean Scream Resource List” below.Please post any URLs of Dean Screams in the comment section

below (did anyone notice that Dean’s Scream sounds like Jackie the Jokeman’s?!).

Dean’s Going to Kokomo

AC/DC Remix

Immigrant Song

Welcome to Dean’s Jungle

Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train (Dean’s


A new one:

From has teh

biggest list I’ve found so far!

We have the Power (Stand up for America)

Hellraiser Remix (DJ Mary Jane’s ‘Howard Dean

Goes Nuts’ edit)

Dean Throws It Up For America (Lil

Jon and Howard Dean)

Introducing Howard Dean (by Brian Robinson)

WMDean (Bush Lies Mix) (by Orenzero)

Howard Dean: Reloaded (Video Remix) (by


Howard Dean and Stormtroopers of Death (by Scott


We Call Ourselves…Americans (by Wolf Zellner)

Dean Attacks (by Clown Control)

Yeeeaahh (ATV remix) (by Steve A.)

Dean has Faith (Limp Bizkit remix) (by Walt


Howard Dean (Is Never Alone) (by Laceration)

Dean’s Aggression (Hypno-Dub Mix) (by

Artificial Humanity)

WMDean (Bush Lies Mix) (by Orenzero)

Take Back the White House (by David


Headstrong Dean (by Pacdude)

Howard Dean: Reloaded Video (by Dragonslayer)

Introducing Howard Dean (by Brian Robinson)

Dean Kombat (by The Proletariat Network)

Evil Dean (by The Love Doctors)

Pretty Fly for a Dean Guy (by

Tim Lo.)

Dean-N-T (by Tim Lo.)

Ironman Dean (by DJ BG with apologies to Ozzy)

Shook One – Dean Style (by

Dean Reloaded (made by Fel423 & M.Y)

Magical Dean Space Out (by Saren Sakamoto)

AC/DC Remix (by Remmen)

Dean Goes Cawwwbham (by Remmen)

Dean’s Living in America (by Brain Bell)

Deansane in the Brain

Crazy Dean Breakdown (by Data)

Howard Dean Baby! (Howard Dean and his D-Funk


Dean’s NOFX Class War (by


Timmy &

Dean (by the Glenn Beck Program)

Dean’s Going to Kokomo

Revolutions (by FC Dot)

Dean’s US Tour (by Chris Flyer)

Pompous Dean (by Peter Moraca)

Immigrant Song (Original mix by DJ RSVP)

Rebel Dean (courtesy of XUXU of

Hardcore Dean

Dean Goes Nuts Mix (thanks to the

Tom Bosley Experience)

Howard Dean Goes Crazy (by


You Sit Down – Requiem (made by Fel423 & M.Y)

World’s Greatest Dean (made by DT)

The Doctors Dean and Dre (made by Reese Lester)

Trance Mix (by DJ VCM)

And Then We’re Gonna… (by Scherado)

Dean Monster Remix (by David House)

ElectroDean (by Digital Rust)

Funky Mix (mp3) and the

(wav) file (made by Jonathan Barlow at

Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train (Dean’s

Aboard) (made by

Techno Mix (by Texaggie79 of

Dancin’ Dean (by James Lileks of

Dean Throws It Up For America (Lil

Jon and Howard Dean)

Dean Dance 1 and the improved version

Dean Dance 2 (by Jonas M Luster)

Real American (Dean Mix)

Rock ‘N Roll Mix (DarkMateria – Howard Dean Loses


Welcome to Dean’s Jungle (by Steve O’Dwyer of

Dean 300 (techno mix) (by Shayne L.)

Hellraiser Remix (DJ Mary Jane’s ‘Howard Dean

Goes Nuts’ edit)

Come Together (Howard Dean Edit)

The Enemy (by John K.)

Dean Feel’s Good (by

Tomato Observer)

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