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John Battelle gives us some more detail on Kinja in this month’s Business 2.0 (how ironic that he writes for them when The Standard was so much better). Seems that the core of Kinja will be a recommendation engine like Amazon’s “people who bought this also bought that.” Not sure I need anyone to tell me “If you liked Buzz Machine you might also like Fred Wilson’s A VC'” I think blogrolls have that feature covered. Of course Kinja’s one-stop blog shop is very necessary to make blogging more main stream.

In its second rev (it will launch early this year), Kinja will incorporate a recommendation engine that will work somewhat like Amazon’s. When you find a blog you like, Kinja will recommend other, similar blogs. Over time, a Kinja-like approach to the blogosphere’s wonderful mass of opinion, interpretation, fact, and fantasy will become standard for nearly everyone. And Kinja isn’t alone: AOL, Google, MSN, Yahoo, and even Amazon(AMZN) are paying attention, as are many startups. The race is on to make your blog-reading experience relevant, efficient, and profitable. Who will win? I don’t care, as long as it happens quickly and it works. With nearly 10,000 new blogs coming online each day, there’s little time to waste.

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