Could a blog have stopped 9/11?

Just found this interesting story on the use of weblogs by law enforcement agencies. Sharing information on a low to no cost system. Imagine if every CIA and FBI agent could post concerns and comments to a central weblog that the President and his team had access to? Perhaps the Phoenix memo would have been in there, and perhaps someone would have taken the threat more seriously. Perhaps such a system already exists and that is why Bush didn’t want to give up the PDB. Then again, someone would have to *read* and *consider*said blog.

Based in Sacramento, California, WSIN was founded in 1981 as one of six regional centers that provide a knowledge-sharing link between the federal government and local law enforcement agencies. WSIN serves approximately 1,100 law enforcement organizations in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington, ensuring that local crime-fighters have easy access to current data and analysis

WSIN maintains a criminal-intelligence database and has a pool of analysts who collect and make sense of incoming information. Much of its work relates to narcotics crime, but it also tracks organized crime and national security matters. Just a year ago, communications within WSIN and between it and member agencies was conducted via e-mail. Information was also shared over a secure intranet. Both methods had disadvantages. “People would receive duplicate e-mail messages,” says Karen Aumond, assistant director of WSIN. “You’d have to remember to save them or they’d be purged. And it was not accessible on the road.”

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