A Wireless Gym for Geeks

Wired News has an interesting story on Geek Gymdom:

A portable geek gym consists of a pair of sunglasses with a half-inch square LCD screen incorporated into the right lens, a Pocket PC with video output, a pedometer that can be attached to a running shoe, a Spot Watch that can receive and display news from the Web, headphones and a GPS unit.

The gym requires actual running, but it helps with the motivation part. Because the GPS unit is in constant communication with the Pocket PC, the system always knows where the runner is. Upon reaching certain coordinates, the system can rev up video and audio clips to keep the runner entertained while he’s out beating the flab.

“I live in Seattle so when I jog near the Space Needle, say, the system knows when I am near this landmark and can set off information about it video and audio,” said Phillip Torrone, the 28-year-old inventor of the geek gym.

The addition of a cell phone with Bluetooth to the mix means the jogger can also check his e-mail while on the run. The system alerts the runner to a new e-mail with a beep and the subject line scrolls across the LCD.

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