New York Post on Nick Denton’s

Nick Denton gets more love from the New York Post for his latest stroke of genius: What up with! Wasn’t that supposed to come out a long time ago?

Ana Marie Cox, the voice and primary researcher behind Wonkette, mines the Drudge report, major newpapers and local blogs for material. She writes from her home in Arlington, Va. Though she describes herself as “a big, fat, commie pinko,” the 31-year-old Cox (a vet of, and says she keeps Wonkette “as evenhanded as a satirical gossip site can be.” Cox sees the 2004 Democratic hopefuls as “mockable,” with the exception of Wesley Clark – “but I suspect he’s an android.”Cox admits the weakest feature on the site has been the sightings’ section – their version of Page Six’s chronicle of famous people spotted doing ordinary things. “Our sightings are lame,” she sighs. “So far I’ve gotten Bob Dole and Justice John Paul Stevens. “We’re going to have to put a ban on people over 80.”

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