Google IPO postponed?

Word is spreading (Silicon quoting The Times here) that Google may postpone their IPO. This is clearly positioning by Schmidt. If I had a nickel for every company that was planning to go public while the CEO played it down I’d have, well, like a couple of bucks.

Google is reported to be having second thoughts about its $16bn flotation in the spring because of concerns that market conditions are not yet right. If true, the delay or even postponement of the hotly anticipated initial public offering (IPO) will be a blow to the tech industry, which is pinning its hopes on the Google flotation signalling a turnaround in fortunes.

But, according to a report in The Times, Google chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt is prepared to wait until the right moment to go public. In a round of private meetings with business leaders in London, Schmidt said Google is in no rush to float because its cash position is so strong. “An IPO is not on my agenda right now,” Schmidt said, according to the paper.

The reason behind Schmidt’s change of heart is reportedly advice to delay the float from investment banksthat claim the tech market will continue its rise. Richard Holway, director at market analyst firm Ovum Holway, disagreed with the assertion that tech stocks are on the up.

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