Looks like we’re going into Pakistan

Just when you thought the war was over, looks like we’re making the major step of chasing down Al Qaeda into Pakistan. I’m all for roundup every last Al Qaeda fighter, but let’s hope this doesn’t result in another occupation where US troops are being killed every day.

Fox News: According to military sources, a small number of U.S. special forces troops have already been working with Pakistani forces in the tribal sections of Pakistan, but those have been covert operations small teams designed to hunt Taliban and Al Qaeda figures hiding in villages throughout the area. U.S. officials have suspected that Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters travel back and forth, over the border, shifting hiding places and seeking refuge in friendly villages in Pakistan. Senior Defense officials still believe Usama bin Laden and top Al Qaeda leaders are in the region as well.Pakistani PresidentPervez Musharraf (search)has been very adamant that U.S. troops cannot cross into Pakistan and that Pakistani forces will be stepping up the hunt for terrorists along the border. But in December 2003 there were two very sophisticated assassination attempts on Musharraf, from which he narrowly escaped.U.S. officials are very concerned about Musharraf’s safety, and they believe those attacks were conducted by Al Qaeda operatives.

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