Quick Review: Jonathan Caoutte’s Tarnation

Tarantion is a truly unique and innovative piece of work, certainly the most innovative the Sundance Festival has seen in years. Unlike the transitory innovation of The Blair Witch Project, Tarnation’s innovation is destine to be a landmark in documentary film historynot to mention a film that is worth watching a second or third time.

Equal parts documentary, biography, musical, music video and video art, Tarnation is the product of 20 years of home movies, parental role reversal, suffering and love. The film tracks the life of filmmaker, Jonathan Caoutte, from birth to his current quarter-life crisis brought on by having to take care of his mentally-ill mother.

I’m going to have a full review of this film for Monday after it sinks in a little, but let me say this film is the most unique documentary I’ve ever seen and definately deserves a theatrical run.

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