New York Times on Google Bombs (six months later!)

NYT has an indepth story about Google bombingas usual they are months behind theblogsphere onthese things. Amazing how the blogsphere predates the New York Times.

The perpetrators succeed by recruiting a small group of accomplices to link from their Web sites to a target site using specific anchor text (the clickable words in a link). The more high-traffic sites that link a Web page to a particular phrase, the more Google tends to associate that page with the phrase – even if, as in the case of the president’s official biography, the term does not occur on the destination site.

“I’m actually surprised how easy it was to do,” said the mastermind of the Bush effort, George Johnston, 46, a computer programmer in Bellevue, Wash., who writes a liberal-leaning Web log called Old Fashioned Patriot ( “It took about six weeks to get Bush’s biography as the No. 1 result. I had no idea when I started that I’d get people all over the world involved.”

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