Review: SAW is a bore.

Just left the 9AM press screening of SAW, one of my more highly anticipated films of the festival due to it’s dark premise: two guys who don’t know each other wake up chained to the wall in a serial killer’s lair. They have no idea how they got there.

As the film unfolds we learn that the scenario is an elaborate game dreamt up by a psychopath in order to teach the victims a lesson: life is precious.

Other peoplehave been forced to play these games too, and in a serious of flashbacks we’re shown a series of somewhat demented tasks the psychopath has constructed. Some involve poison and antidotes and others are “kill this person to save that person” morality plays.

Going into the film I wanted to be scared, but as the film stumbles over itself with bad dialogue, massive plot holes and blaring “scary” music you quickly become detached.

In Seven you feel the terror of Kevin Spacey’s victims, in SAW you’re focused on questions like “why would the person do that?”, “why wouldn’t they just do this?” or worse yet “thatline didn’t make any sense.”

Counting the clich?of this film would take more time then I can dedicate to today (the decoy suspect, the discharged cop looking to clear his nameafter his partnerwas killed by the serial killer, etc.).

SAW does have a couple of scary moments, as well as a splash of gore to make you turn your head, but overall this film is in desperate need of a rewrite.

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