Slow day today, Buzz Around Napoleon Dynamite and “Down to the Bone”

Had slow day today as I went to pick up my girl at the airport. We’ll be hitting some movies tonight and early tomorrow, and I’ll be putting up a couple of more reviews.

Everyone is talking about Napoleon Dynamite, that clearly has the most buzz at the festival. Garden State has good buzz, but most of the people I’ve spoken to say is just good.

Based on my friend Peter Sarsgaard’s recommendation I went to see “Down to the Bone” yesterday. It is a very subtle film about a women in upstate New York dealing with drug addition, an unsupportive husband as well as a lying, hypocritical lover. The film is not for everyone (dark drug films usually aren’t), but it is uncompromising and powerful for anyone who has been impacted by substance abuse. I’ll have a review for tomorrow.

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