Paris Hilton has landed at Sundance, let the nonsense begin!

Some time last night the Sundance festival changed from mellow to compete bedlam. For the past three days I’ve been able to drive around, park, see movies and walk down Main Street to Burgies and get my burger on.

Starting yesterday afternoonit allchanged. When I was riding over to Main Street from The Library (a theater here) I was confronted by gridlock that would make Rockfeller Center when Bush is in town jealous. It was backed up for a mile and it took me 40 minutes to drive about six blocks and park. Not good.

So, I decided I would take a night off after my hook up for a ticket to November fell through (don’t worry I’ve got a press screening today). Of course that plan fell through when I realized I forgot to eat dinner and my friend Kaleil Isaza Tuzman called me to get dinner with his girlfriend.

Kaleil was the star/subject in the fantastic dotcom documentary, as well as my investment banker when I sold my last company (Silicon Alley Reporter/

After dinner we walked down Main street and saw a crowd of hundreds outside Harry O’s, the largest club on Main street. We later found out that the chaos was, predictably, the arrival of Paris Hilton. So, there you have it, Paris Hilton is at Sundance and I’ve broken my rule to keep this blog focused on the films and filmmakers. This will be the first and last Paris Hilton mention on the blog.

During all the insanity last night one partygoer asked me what they should do at Sundance. I replied deadpan, “go see some films.” Nuf said.

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