Film #6: D.E.B.S. (or finally some comedy!)

Update: I didn’t get to see D.E.B.S. yet, I screwed up the schedule but i was able to see “Edge of America” details to follow.

After seeing four documentaries in 36 hours I’m ready for some drama. Don’t get me wrong, I love docs, but docs taking a lot of mental energy and after watching people get killed by 50 foot waves, kids living in brothels, a couple controversially executed for treason, and four geeks battle it out playing scrabble my brain is fried.

Next up is, thankfully, some comedy with D.E.B.S., and I can’t wait for this one. Of course before I race over to Eccles I’ve got 20 minutes to pound down a cheeseburger and get you this update.I think I’m ready for the indie, lesbian version of Charlie’s Angels. 🙂 Here is what the Sundance Guide says:

There is a secret test hidden within the S.A.T. designed to identify students who can lie, cheat, fight, and kill. High scorers are recruited by a secret government agency and trained to become members of the nation’s most elite paramilitary group: the D.E.B.S. With her exciting and stylish feature debut, D.E.B.S, director Angela Robinson gives us a bubbly, sexy, fun-filled send-up of secret-agent espionage movies, action thrillers, wild parties, and teen angst. To the outside world, the D.E.B.S. look like picture-perfect, plaid-skirted, well-schooled young women. But really they are our nation’s first line of defense. Their arch enemy? Lucy in the Sky, a sexy, diamond-bejeweled bank robber so evil that no crime fighter has faced her and lived to tell the taleuntil the D.E.B.S. are ordered to take her down. Amy, the poster girl D.E.B., allows Lucy to capture her, but instead of killing Amy, Lucy asks her out on a date. The D.E.B.S. mount a rescue mission, unaware that Amy is having an illicit affair with Lucy and has staged her own kidnapping so they can be together. Action chick flicks such as Charlie’s Angels are infamous for lesbian innuendo, but D.E.B.S. delivers full throttle on this tantalizing promise. It’s a fun ride for all, as Robinson aims to revolutionize girl power for a new generation. Shari Frilot

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