The Eagle has Landed… barely!

I barely made it into Park City last night, the day before the festival opens. Turns out the security at jetBlue in Long Beach is on point. After discovering the gorgeous silver Du Pont cigar lighter my girlfriend got me for my birthday, all heck broke loose. My bags were emptied out and I got the third degree about how I could travel with a torch lighter. It turns out you’re not even allowed to have them in your bagwho knew!?

So, as luck would have it, my lighter was empty so a debated ensued aboutwhether or notan empty torch lighter was OK. All this was going down while the Jetblue agent waited to escort me to the plane which was less then five minutes from take off. They weregoing to take my bags off the plane, but I made it.

When I got on the plane the crowd started cheering “Jason!, Jason!” and clapping thunderously. I raised my hand and did my best homecoming queen (no jokes please) wave wondering, “This is odd.”

Then the guy sitting next to me explained that the flight attendants set me up. They were saying things like “When Jason gets aboard we will start complimentary in-flight service” and “After Jason arrives we will turn on the complementary DirectTV.”

To my fellow passengers I apologize sincerely and to the security at Long Beach I say “Bravo!” Thank you, thank you and thank you again for doing a very difficult job. Thank you for keeping the country safe and for dealing with the stress so gracefully. To all the people who complain about airline security: get over yourselves.

OK, I gotta go pick up my press pass and hit the circuit. More blog posts to come!

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