Main Street Primer

Main Street is where the action is at night during the festival. I took a quick run to Main Street today to check out the scene. It was dead for the most part, but that is because today is the first day and everyone is either skiing or getting settled. Tonight and for the next ten days you won’t be able to drive down this street. Imagine the strip in South Beach in Miami, the Sunset strip by Sky Bar in LA or West Broadway on a sunny, spring afternoon in New Yorkthen combine them!

My first stop was to see Ian Calderon who runs the Digital Center at the Sundance Film Festival. This is a must stop for anyone in the business and last year I hung out there with Andrew Jarecki of Capturing the Friedmans, Nick Jarecki of the book Breaking In (and who is secretly working on a documentary on filmmaker James Toback) and Roger Ebert (who isn’t making this year’s Sundance for the first time in forever). I’m going to post some photos of Roger, Andrew and Nick from last year shortly. You can check out the latest technology from folks like Intel, Panavision, Sony, HP, and Microsoft at the Digital Center.

Ian tipped me off to a very cool concept film called “Supersize Me!” Basically this guy eats McDonald’s exclusively for 30 days and almost dies. Not five minutes after leaving Ian I found some posters promoting the film. Poster bombing is a Sundance tradition of course. I wish someone had photos of the last 10 years of these poster boards.

Right now I’m writing this from the one place that all Sundancers must go for lunch: Burgies. Burgies, perhaps not surprisingly, is a burger joint where you can get bottomless fries and Diet Cokes with your well done, and well done-only, burgers. As the waiter explained to me last year they are not, by law, allowed to serve burgers medium-rare, or even medium. They must be grey and greasy, tis the law. Of course the next night I got a burger medium rare up the block.

Tonight I’m going to try to get into the open party, but my hook up lost his hook up so now I’m jammed. I’ll probably just show up and drop names and hope someone I know is at the door. This is how Sundance is at night, constantly trying to get into the next big parties. Sometimes people get so caught up in the parties they don’t see movies. Not me, I want to see movies and lots of them. Tonight I’m going to see “Riding Giants,” which I blogged last week and I’m really looking forward to.

If you’re here and you want to get a drink let me know.

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