Exclusive interview with Shilpi Gupta, director of the short film “When the Storm Came”

Sitting here with short film maker Shilpi Gupta, while shedowns a ham and cheese sandwich. Shilpi is a grad student at UC Berkley going for her masters in Journalism. She is also a documentary filmmaker and has her first short, which was also her thesis, is titled When the Storm Came and is a Sundance selection (although it is not available online yet rights issues). The film is about a village in Kashmir where a mass rape occurred in 1991. Shilpi visited the village for the short film twice. I’m going to see the film at the press screening at the Black Box Sunday at 7:45PM. Her website is http://www.kashmirfilm.com.

Shilpi hopes to bring the film back to the subjects and make a documentary about their viewing of the documentary.

JMC: Why did you make the film?

SG: “I think it’s a really import topic for a number of reasons. Kashmir is one of the big hotspots and it is not talked about enough, and when it is talked about it is very one-sided. In another way it is about women. In a lot of ways women become collateral damage in war. Rape is accepted. Rape is not a one-time victimization. These women suffer the stigma forever.”

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