Isiah readies ax on Chaney ” to hire Fratello!

The Knicks, orI should say Isiah Thomas, are about to make another huge move today: firing the Knicks coach Don Chaney and hiringdrumroll pleaseMike Fratello! For those of you who don’t remember Fratello, he was the defensive minded coach at the Cavaliers and he has, if you can believe this, a winning record (572-465). Imagine that, the greatest franchise in the entire NBA hires awinning coach, the second-best point guard in the league and a winning President. All in a < 30 days.

Even if the Knicks don’t win this year I’m feeling great about them againbecause they care about winning! I wonder how many season tickets they have sold in the past month? They should give Isiah 10%, he’s done an amazing job.

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