Chasing Google

This Wired story doesn’t say too much new (frankly, I expect more from a Wired News story). <snark>In case you didn’t hear</snark>, Yahoo and Microsoft are going to be major competitors to Google. Here is some math:

Indeed, when analytics firm Nielsen/NetRatings last measured search habits in March 2003, the company found that the number of unique visitors to Yahoo Search trailed Google by a mere 10 percent. Additionally, when Nielsen/NetRatings looked at the number of unique visitors accessing major portals in November 2003, traffic on the entire Yahoo site actually outpaced that on Google’s site, 86.8 million to 53.3 million. With figures like these, many analysts believe that Yahoo needs only choose which of its newly acquired search technologies to roll out in order to become a key player in the search market. “It’s like Yahoo has a bunch of sports cars idling in the garage and now it just has to pick which one to drive,” said Kelsey Group’s Sterling.

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