Alan Meckler’s wild blog… a must read!

I have to say the most entertaining blog in the sphere is clearly Alan Meckler’s. As you know Meckler founded Internet World, sold it for hundreds of millions to Penton, retained the domain name and went on to buy Jupiter. He now runs JupiterMedia which is basically Anyway, he has got to be the only CEO of a publicly traded company that runs his own blog and it is WILD. Just go read it, I like this onewhere he talks about loosing two of his analysts:

Meckler: Things are on a upward trajectory at Jupitermedia. Even the loss of two of our Jupiter Research analysts cannot stop the positive direction. But let’s analyze “the loss” and see “the gain.”

Where did they go? Hired by Tommy Hilfilger to build a Web presence and open a new avenue to grow the Hilfiger businesses. Jupiter Research will shortly fill the positions with equally as good or better analysts, but in the meantime it is flattering that Hilfilger took our people and the action further validates that the Internet is the new frontier for any sized firm if it wants to grow in different directions.

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