Netflix + Gateway Connected DVD + Cheap Hard Drives + DVD burner=Disaster for the movie industry.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get my video files from my PC over to my TV without having to burn DVDs and VCDs (CD-Rs with video content)all the time. I heard about the Connected DVD player, and since I was in the market for a new DVD player anyway I figured “dang, for $200 how can I go wrong?!” After all, I was going to spend at least that on a DVD player alone!

Then I read a review of the Gateway Connected DVD over at the excellent PVR blog andbased on that review I order it. It came after Christmas and it would have taken about 10 minutes to setup except for that fact that I couldn’t find the serial number on the installation CD. After going mad for about ten minutes I called Gateway and found out that they forgot to put the serial number on the installation CDs. Can you imagine that?! Thousands of people order these things and have to call Gateway like mad to get the number. Insane.

Anyway, after getting the serial number I set this bad boy up in 10 minutes. Best part? It uses wifi so I simply put in WEP settings and BANG it found the server software which runs on your PC. I’ve downloaded a couple of movies off the Internet, you know those ones that look like someone brought their video camera into the theater and they are basically unwatchable.

What is working really well is downloading episodes of TV shows. Shows like South Park, the Simpsons, Star Trek, etc. are all perfectly catalogued on LimeWire and Kazaa. Watching them, with the commercials edited out, is a dream.

My friend has been taking all his Netflix DVDs and making DVD “backups” of them for the past month. He told me he did 70 copies in one month. That is, what, like $2,000 in DVDs!?! So I’m thinking, why wouldn’t someone buy like two 500 gig hard drives and rip like 300-400 DVDs to my PC. How rad would that be?! You do know LaCie just came out with a one-terabyte firewire drive right?

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