Hot Ticket at Sundance 2004: Peralta’s “Riding Giants”

What film am I most excited to see at Sundance this year? Stacy Peralta’s surfing doc “Riding Giants.” I was able to catch one of those 8 or 9AM add-on screenings for Peralta’s “Dogtown and Z Boys” (trailer), narrated by Shawn Penn,at Sundance 2001 and was really blown away (so was all of Sundance, “Dogtown” went on to win best director and the audience award).Oh yeah, did I mention that “Riding Giants” is opening the festival?!

From indiewire: Talking about Peralta’s doc, Gilmore said, “It is a wonderful work that has really special qualities to it. It is a great, fun film for us to start with.” Gilmore added that kicking off the festival with a doc this year is a nod to the important role that non-fiction films play in the fest. “Documentaries are all over the festival this year,” noted Gilmore. “I am sure that we have more documentaries in this festival that we have ever had before.”

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