Xeni: Blogs Coming of Age in Spain

My former partner in crime and good friend Xeni has an interesting story about blogging, publishingand Net regulation in Spain:

A recent decision by top newspaper El Pais to restrict online content access to paying users further boosted the popularity of Spanish blogs, where articles were excerpted and debate proliferated. Madrid-based television and print journalist Ignacio Escolar of Tele 5 says recent activities of copyright-management group SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores, an industry consortium often compared to BMI in the United States) and a decision by Spain’s government to charge a 52 percent levy on .es domain names sparked more debate on popular weblogs like barrapunto.com (which translates to “slashdot,” and is considered Spain’s counterpart to the popular American blog of the same name).

“The biggest fight for online freedom of expression in Spain is against a law called LSSICE (Law of Services of the Society of Information and Electronic Commerce) that forces website owners to register each Web page in a specific registry and establishes serious penalties for certain online activities, without trial before a judge,” says Escolar.

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