Oh snap… Yahoo has an Aggregator!!!

Just got word from Dave Winer that the Kalsey Consulting Group (whatever that is)is reporting on Yahoo beta testing an RSS/News aggregatorso much for Yahoo buying one!

Anyone using this yet?!?! UPDATE: HERE IS AN IMAGE OF IT: http://www.librarystuff.net/myyahoo.gif

From Kalsey Consulting Group blog: Yahoo is beta testing an RSS Aggregator that integrates into the My Yahoo service, but their advertising of it has fallen flat. Because I choose the contents of a My Yahoo page, I have a sense of ownership of the page. Personalized pages tend to evoke that feeling. So imagine my surprise when I open My Yahoo today and find that there’s a new content module for RSS added to the top of the page. I wasn’t sure whether to feel excited or violated. It’s great that Yahoo is embracing RSS, but they messed with my page. Nevertheless I tried testing it, but when trying to add feeds or search for feeds, I received a message saying that I didn’t have access. Curious to see if I’d get the same message if I tried removing the module, I hit the remove button. Now it’s gone and there doesn’t seem to be a way to add it back.

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