Buzzworthy: The business of blogging

Interesting blog post about a story talking about the most blog-friendly company in the world: Macromedia. No doubt about that, the last time I was in San Fran I spent an hourr talking to RobBurgess about blogging. Proves my point that management works best when the people people at are aware of, and embrace, new trends.

Blogging about your company and its products can be an express route to unemployment, true, but it can also be good for business, writes the Boston Globe’s Hiawatha Bray. Some companies are even backing employee blog efforts:

“Perhaps the most blog-friendly company in America is Macromedia Inc., a multimedia software producer based in San Francisco. Blogging is at the core of Macromedia’s customer marketing strategy. In 2002, as the company released a number of new products, it asked several employees to launch blogs where they could field questions from customers. ‘We needed a mechanism to communicate incredibly quickly,” said Tom Hale, Macromedia’s senior vice president of business strategy. ‘We hit upon the blog strategy as a mechanism to do that.” Hale said the experiment succeeded beyond expectation. ‘People really liked hearing directly from Macromedia experts, and getting really fast response,” he said. Today there are at least 16 employee-run blogs providing assistance to Macromedia customers.”

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