Yet another reason to fly JetBlue: Free Wifi in JFK!

I’m blogging this from the Jetblue terminal at JFK here in New York. This is the second airport that JetBlue now has wifi in, the other is my destination Long Beach. As many of you know I’m huge fan of JetBlue (I interviewed their CEO a couple of years ago and put him on the cover of the Silicon Alley Reporter).

However, I’m still really upset about them giving my personal information and about a couple of million other people’s information to the Army to test potential new security measures. Now, if JetBlue asked me I actually would have opted in, but to do it without telling me that is just wrong (and illegal). I’m actually shocked JetBlue hasn’t done a “make good” for customers who had their privacy compromised.That is so, well, not-JetBlue.

The great thing about JetBlue is that they have totally raised the bar of customer service *while* lowering costs. Value is the new black. So much so that other airlines and photocopying their business plan (TED and SONG). The result? The stagnant airline industry is actually starting to surprise us. I love when free markets heat up, especially ones with such established players.

OK, they’re calling my flight

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